Student Art Contest

Feb 25, 2020 | Events

COVID-19 Update

As we experience the affects of the novel coronavirus, we know that our community has different needs to focus on right now. And so, with heavy hearts, we have cancelled the Student Art Contest. We hope to bring it back in the future when school is back in session. We’ll be sure to announce future plans on this web page, Facebook, and Twitter.

We are very impressed with the talent shown in the artwork we received so far. Please enjoy viewing the submissions below.

Sincere Gratitude

  • Thank you to the artists who entered the contest.
  • Thank you to our local teachers who were planning to engage students in this art contest.
  • Thank you to our judges for being willing to volunteer your time.
  • A special thank you to Macatawa Area Coordinating Council (MACC) for partnering with us on this project. We look forward to more collaborations with you in the future.

Llama “Green” Transportation

by Bella, age 11
Category 3rd – 5th Grade

About the Artwork
We must work together to get rid of and decrease the use of transportation that is bad for our environment. I believe we should all be riding llamas, horses and walking everywhere we go. This should be our goal for the future of Green Transportation.
Go Green
by Noah, Age 16
Category 9th – 12th Grade

About the Artwork
Shows that we need to protect the environment through stopping carbon emissions.
Visionary Planet
by Taelia, Age 16
Category 9th – 12th Grade

About the Artwork
I made a digital image. In the piece you will see flying cars and bikes. A lot of themes in my piece are reminiscent of mid century modern and the ideas of the future then. I was inspired by the Jetsons which I felt was fitting. The Jetsons was created in 1962 and we have made great progress, but I think we could keep working towards a world like the one the show was set in. The Jetsons was set in 2062, but I think we can make great strides towards a greener planet before then. I also included starbursts which give smaller tangible ways to help reduce our footprint on Earth.

About the Theme:

The Future of Green Transportation

What is Green Transportation?
Green transportation is any sustainable, eco-friendly form of transportation. One example is a bicycle, which uses human power to travel from place to place. Other methods used today are walking, animal power, public transportation, car pooling, and vehicles powered by clean and renewable energy.

What might green transportation look like in the future?

What: Original 2-D artwork

Age Categories:

  • 1st – 2nd grade
  • 3rd – 5th grade
  • 6 – 8th grade
  • 9 – 12th grade

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