Energy literacy starts in the classroom.

Holland BPW & Educators

Holland Board of Public Works is a strong advocate for educating students on where their utilities come from and how they are provided. We believe that providing context on what is happening in their community will help them to become better informed and engaged citizens. Additionally, we strive to increase the perspectives offered to children and young adults about the resources our societies need to function, and how to responsibly use and manage those resources to create a sustainable and secure future.

Class Visits & Experiences:

Holland BPW is passionate about working together with educators to create unique and impactful experiences for students across West Michigan. As such, we place high value on real-world, application-focused, place-based education. We welcome educators and their students to the HEP for field trips year-round to utilize our safe, state-of-the-art, multi-purpose facility, that is appropriate for students of all ages.

These visits are flexible, able to be customized to meet the needs of your students, meant to complement your in-classroom curriculum, and are always 100% free. Reach out using the contact form below to set up a visit for your classroom, club, or community group.

We Visit Schools!

If you are in a district that struggles with transportation availability, or for other reasons cannot bring your students to the Energy Park, simply let us know, and we can come to you! We’re happy to teach energy-themed lessons in your classroom, do in-classroom presentations, and deliver authentic experiences to your school. While we encourage educators who are able to take advantage of the place-based education we can offer in our power plant, our goal is to be readily available to all classrooms.

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