Energy literacy starts in the classroom.

Holland BPW & Educators

Holland Board of Public Works is a strong advocate for educating students on where their utilities come from and how they are provided. We believe that providing context on what is happening in their community will help them to become better informed and engaged citizens.

Class Visits & Experiences

Holland BPW is passionate about working together with educators to create unique and impactful experiences for youth across West Michigan. As such, we offer scheduled visits to the Visitor Center throughout the school year. Reach out using the contact form below to set up a visit for your classroom or community group.

Current Resources

We also invite teachers to take advantage of the stories available in our most recent Annual Report, many of which create a direct connection between social/science/environmental content and the choices HBPW makes every day. Too see these articles, visit the link below.

2016 Annual Report

Have Questions or Want to Schedule a Group Visit?



Also, feel free to call Hannah at 616-355-1213.